concrete form for cast in place concrete tank

Round Water Storage Concrete Tank

Santiago, Chile

The contractor for this project chose the EFCO HAND-E-FORM® system for the construction of a round water storage tank. The tank measures 24 m (79'-0") in diameter, is 350 mm (14") thick and 7,15 m (23'-6") high and holds 3.000 m3 (792,516 gal.) of water.

radial concrete form for concrete tank EFCO engineered a forming solution for the contractor that would assemble easily, cycle well and deliver an excellent concrete finish. In addition, the contractor was limited without the use of a crane; therefore, the system needed to be man-handled. The EFCO HAND-E-FORM system proved to be the proper solution.

The tank was constructed in two vertical pours. The first pour measured 4,8 m (15'-9") high while the second one had a height of 3,6 m (11'-9"). When preparing for the second pour, the contractor left the top row of panels from the first pour in place to aid in plumb and alignment. This technique also formed a good joint between pours.

To reach the different levels of the formwork when setting and stripping the panels, the contractor installed the HAND-E-FORM scaffolding brackets and planks to assemble working platforms. These brackets are directly connected to the ribs of the HAND-E-FORM panels.

The HAND-E-FORM panel is lightweight and easy to assemble. The contractor was very satisfied with the rate of progress and the quality of concrete achieved.


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