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Shoring for Elevated Slab Construction

British Columbia, Canada

Construction of North Gate Village, located in Burnaby, British Columbia is now complete. After a visit to EFCO’s Concrete Construction and Forming Institute in Des Moines, Iowa, the contractor chose EFCO DECK®, EFCO’s horizontal forming solution, for use on The Stella– a 14-story condominium/retail building. This would be the first project in Canada to use the single post shoring system. As the first contractor in Canada to utilize EFCO DECK, they were so satisfied with the finished result and productivity that they decided to purchase the equipment and continue to use the system for the construction of North Gate Village in Burnaby. This project required varying slopes and elevations and with over 65.032 m2 (700,000 sq. ft.) of elevated slab to pour; EFCO DECK has once again proven to be the right solution. The relationship and commitment between EFCO and this contractor continues to grow with the upcoming project – The Capitol high-rise.

As our slab engineering changed towards flat plate slabs, we needed to take advantage of the larger uniform slabs. EFCO DECK provided us with the production rates and finished product we were looking for.
-Project Partner
shoring for concrete slab construction


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