shoring for cast in place concrete slab construction

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Chicago, Illinois

If you have taken a glance at the Chicago skyline you will have undoubtedly noticed a lot of changes in recent years. The city is growing and it's growing up. The new construction of high-rise buildings has been on the rise, no pun intended. One contractor has been a major contributor to the changing skyline and their current contract to construct the 900 South Clark high-rise is no exception. The 900 South Clark project is a 24-story multi-tenant condominium located amidst Chicago's famous “South Loop”.

shoring for cast in place concrete slab construction The contractor partnered with EFCO to provide forming solutions for all facets of the project which included, the cores and shafts, shear walls, exterior walls, and the floor slabs. EFCO engineered a system to handle the entire project.

EFCO DECK®, EFCO's horizontal forming system is meeting the challenges of this 24-story 1.765 m2 (19,000 sq. ft.) per floor building. The contractor’s crews are forming and pouring an entire floor in four days. EFCO supplied the contractor with 2.717 m2 (29,250 sq. ft.) of wet deck and 4.529 m2 (48,750 sq. ft.) of reshore.

Performance and productivity are critical to every project, and having a system that is quickly and easily assembled and cycled is of course a requirement. EFCO DECK is such a system. The EFCO DECK handset shoring system gave the contractor 1,8 m x 2,4 m (6'-0" x 8'-0") post spacing. The advantage is more square footage per post and larger work aisles for better access. In addition, the 1,8 m x 2,4 m (6'-0" x 8'-0") spacing is allowing the contractor to remove a larger percentage of their plywood as they cycle the system.

The contractor also incorporated the stabilizing and safety features of the E-Z DECK® system around the perimeter of the building. The E-Z DECK modules were cycled fully assembled from floor-to-floor.

shoring for concrete slab construction The contractor also used the EFCO POWER TOWER® system to form the cores and shafts for the project. EFCO’s POWER TOWER modular Overhead Beam Support system features a set of beams intersecting all at one level and extending over the forms in four directions.

This was a great benefit for the contractor as this method provides a safe working platform at one level eliminating the process of having to step over and work around beams at multiple levels. By using the Overhead Beam method for the POWER TOWER, both the inside and outside forms can be stripped by rolling them back with plenty of clearance to clean and oil the forms after every re-use, set rebar cages, and add inserts where required.

For the perimeter columns and drop beams of the building, EFCO engineered a forming system that not only would provide the quality concrete finish that was required but one that would perform well and keep them ahead of schedule. A large portion of 900 South Clark is a very long radial column and beam exterior. The EFCO SUPER STUD® Jump system proved to be the best solution for this challenge.

Because the system is braced from the outside, the contractor was able to eliminate any interference with interior shoring. And because there is no need for disassembly between pours, the contractor found the Jump system to be a cost effective solution for this multiple lift building.


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